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What you MUST pack when you go into labor

Things you absolutely MUST bring to the hospital

clothing items and pair of shoes in luggage

If you haven't already read my previous article about what NOT to pack, I really recommend you give it a look before reading this list any further. My list is not to scare you if in case you forget something. 

From my personal experience, the hospital nurses were very resourceful to me, my husband, and our newborn. If you have any questions about what the hospital provides during your stay, call ahead and speak to the nursing staff. Remember you wont give birth in the same room where you will recover so the staff will change. Call to speak with both teams.

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What you MUST pack when you go into labor

I wish I packed this for our hospital stay:

  1. Eye mask and earplugs - If there's time to rest before delivery, staff members will be in and out of your room checking on you and baby. To enhance your sleep, wear a sleeping mask. Thinking about this now, I probably could've gotten earplugs from my nurse. 
  2. Thick robe - The hospital gives you a flimsy gown but you'll be pretty much naked most of the delivery. After birth however, you can change into your own comfy robe. 
  3. Slippers w rubber sole - You'll be going to the bathroom a lot. Slippers with a good rubber sole make it tough to slide around when your squatting over the toilet.  
  4. Heavy blanket - Feels like a friendly hug in an unfamiliar environment. Just remember that in most cases, your body may not control when you pee yet. You could soil the blanket. Ask your doctor when the coast is clear.
  5. Xtra long cell phone charger - hospital beds are notoriously gigantic and to far from the outlets for a regular charger to reach you. Most outlets near the bed are for important monitoring machinery. DO NOT remove them. Instead, plug your devices in the nearest outlet. I wish I packed an extra long charger or extension cord. 


person holding baby's index finger, What you MUST pack when you go into labor, ShoptheKei.com

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