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What NOT to pack when you go into labor

The 6 Items I wish I did NOT pack

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Entering the 3rd trimester of your pregnancy can feel exciting yet scary the closer to your due date. After my 1st baby, I realized I overpacked my hospital bag and didn't use or wear most of what I read was necessary. I don't want you to stress over those many lists that tell you what you absolutely need because honestly, its up to your preferences.

For example: If you're Beyonce, you'll pack a hair stylist, professional makeup artist, and camera crew.

In my case, we raced to the hospital just before bedtime. I threw on sweats, my hair was in a bonnet and rollers. Plus we didn't have the budget for a beauty fairy like celebs do.

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What you may not know

The hospital supplies you with a welcome kit of helpful items you will use during your stay. Yes, some moms actually give birth without their hospital bag! 

    Relax and read below for what NOT to pack when you go into labor

      You wont need to pack:

      1. Diapers - the maternity staff teach you how to change baby. They supply all the diapers you'll need for the time you're there and give you extras before you leave. Also, rest assured, the nurse will change your baby while you sleep.
      2. Absorbent Panties and Pads - the leakage is real mama! You don't need to pack these either. Remember to take the extras home with you; while your stitches heal, you need to change yourself many times a day to keep them clean.
      3. Pillows and blankets - Just ask the hospital staff for another pillow. If you like firm pillows like me, explain to your nurse where you need the support to help you sleep well. Sleep is so important after giving birth. Don't take this lightly - speak up.
      4. Socks - You'll be given socks but ask for another pair and double them up. 
      5. Similac - it is the preferred baby formula for most hospitals. If your breastmilk is not strong yet, your baby will be given a supplement so that baby can poop. As a matter of fact, we were not allowed to leave until my daughter passed this last important test. Breast milk is liquid gold and I am all about breast before formula but baby's needs come before your own personal preferences. Trust, you'll have so many chances to breast feed. The hospital staff also provides you with advice for feeding baby and trying different positions.
      6. Valuables - Don't pack anything that you're afraid to get stolen. Unless it stays on your body the entire time, don't bring it. Remember, your guests are not the only ones roaming the hospital. After birth, you're encouraged to walk the halls. If you cannot fit the valuable in your purse, don't pack it.
      7. Professional Photographer - I was shocked by this! The day we were to be discharged, a professional baby photographer visited us to take photos of my daughter. She does not work for the hospital but you will be given all her contact info to order your photos. You may want to call the hospital ahead to be sure they offer this.

      "You got this mama! We've got your back!"

      Share your postnatal story! What did the hospital provide to you that you found most helpful?

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