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How to re-invent your own style

How to invent your own style

Its sooo important to re-invent your style. 


Because everyday, we dress the way we feel. If you feel good, you look good and happiness attracts more great feelings. So without sounding to much like Peter Pan, let's invent your style to reflect your happiness!


Think of a memory that made you laugh! I mean out of breath, ROFL! Remember how tickled you felt?! Got it? Great!

Rainbow kitty pawsSTEP #2

While laughing your socks off, think about the first color that comes to your mind. Say it to yourself. Remember the color. 

Organized closetSTEP #3

Still chucking? Good. Now go into your closet and pick out 3 items you love to wear. It does not have to be a full outfit. 

Camera PhoneSTEP #4

Take clear pictures of the 3 items. You don't have to try them on. They will act as the framework for your wardrobe for the next 5 days. Don't worry if you picked 2 pairs of shoes and a bikini. This exercise is more about the styles you are drawn to at this very moment. 

Crokei Kucera Fashion Forecast Formula


Almost done! Now heres the fun part! Send the 3 pictures to my email address. Using my Fashion Forecast Formula, I will help you to re-invent your style! In about 3 days time, I will send you a professionally curated fashion collection of your own. Hows that for Ahhhmazing?! Click here to email me your 3 pictures

Id love for you to try my Fashion Forecast Formula absolutely free! Tell me what you think of this powerful, unique formula that helps you dress yourself stylishly and confidently everyday! You know what you like and I know what you have yet discovered about what looks amazing on you. Team up with me and we can create an entire closet you love!

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