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Top Color Trends for Spring

What Are the Top Color Trends for Spring?

spring 2018 fashion colors

Professional trend analysts like Pantone and Trend Council forecast colors for Spring 2018 

Pantone Spring 2018 Color ForecastTrend Council ss18 color palette

Spring Colors We Love Most

While designing our Spring 2018 fashion collection, we created our very own palette. Our fashion colors are inspired by botanical perfumes and natural sweets. Check out my favorite colors for spring 2018:

  1. Almond - new neutral; lighter and less sweet cousin of Honey.
  2. Calla Yellow - soft brights happily enlighten our palette
  3. Sage Frost - frosted, herbal green color
  4. Bluebell - clean, delicate blue
  5. Lavendula - light and sweet floral purple
  6. Dahlia - sugary pink flower
  7. Clove Brown - soft suede dark neutral

Why I chose them over all the colors

Earthy colors like Almond, Clove Brown, and Sage Frost are practical neutrals that easily create a versatile wardrobe. We believe in these colors so much that they lay the ground work for our collection. Sweet colors like Lavendula (Purple) and Dahlia (Pink) remind us of elegant fragrances. They add fun new elements to the season. Bright colors like Calla Yellow and Bluebell are refreshing additions to our Spring 2018 collection. Eventually, yellow will play are greater role in summer.

Mix it all together and voila! We have a well balanced, ultra cool color palette. Both wearable and exciting!

Be on the look out for my new Spring 2018 fashion collection! Our new Spring collection launches late December 2017.

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