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MUST HAVE Sweater Colors

What are they?

I heard your question and pulled together a slide of the Top Must Have Sweater Colors for 2017 Winter (and 2018 Pre-Spring). Good news; theres only 4 colors to remember! I paid special attention to find sweet styles that can transition nicely into Pre-Spring. Remember, there's more than one way to style these sweaters

Take a look!



Inspired by New York Fashion Week, this year's sweater colors are sure to warm up your cozy looks. When shopping, keep an eye out for these colors:

  1. Fashion staples like Gris (grey)
  2. Sweet colors like Honey
  3. Warm tones like Spice
  4. Soft colors like Ballet (pink)

All which instantly give off cozy vibes. Add happiness to an otherwise dark wardrobe and EASILY transition to Pre-Spring. Keep a look out for these fashion sweater colors when shopping the designs you love most.

Id love to know which sweater was your favorite. How do you wear these colors?

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