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How to Prevent a Fashion Nightmare

How to Prevent a Fashion Nightmare

Bad style can ruin your happiness. Personal style is a mirror that reflects the image of who you really are inside. Aware or not, you dress according to moods.

Don't believe me?

Ever go to bed angry? Then wake up groggy from stressful sleep only to be dreading your entire day? Chances are, you didn't care much about how you looked. Your sloppy, frumpy, wrinkly mess is not cute. It reflects a mood of unhappiness, laziness, and even stress. This mood keeps happy people away from you.

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Try this instead

Go to bed relaxed and grateful. Wake up refreshed and your outlook of the day's possibilities will have you dressing to "carpe diem". You'll be motivated. This reflects a mood of happiness, pride, and love. Your positive mood will attract great opportunities and happy people who want you to succeed! 

It also feels great to have something new that propels your good mood even higher.

Feeling good = more smiles = compliments = more good feelings!

Good news smarty pants! Now that you know this, you can trick yourself into more positive feelings with a simple change in your clothes. I recommend fresh color and a good fit. Lay your clothes out the night before. Remember to iron and inspect the dry-cleaner's handiwork. Dress cute on casual days. Wear something that makes you feel confident every week.

Our stylist found some great styles that'll get your happiness going... 



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