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How to Wear Prints

The Fall Edition

In my last post, I introduced you to my 8 Fall Style Essentials. You'll notice that most of my favorites are great examples of how to wear prints in the fall. Today, Ill share 5 examples of how to wear prints. Try it yourself; take 2 or 3 of your favorite neutral pieces (ie: skirt or jacket) and mix a printed top or textured sweater to your outfit. Its all about dimension that elevates your look. Lets review how to wear prints for fall:

  • How to wear Prints: Top + Bottom

I made this zig zag stripe skirt set because well, I just didn't have one yet. If you want to go all out with a print for fall, chose a neutral color palette. You cant go wrong with a pretty gray or black base color. Midi length (below knee) skirts show off the curves in your calves. Also, I designed this top with a nice flare around the tummy which looks really pretty on anyone. You'll notice I turned the zigzag in a horizontal for my top. I then placed the lighter stripes at my chest. Since I have a small chest, the lighter stripes look very flattering. Zig zags are not always the nicest on your eyes; they can be dizzying so placement really matters here. I chose muted colors and alternated zigzags for best results. Have you tried prints top to bottom yet? 

  • How to wear Prints: All over texture

 My mother wore this dress and passed it down to me. She has a great eye for fashion pieces that never go out of style. Texture is important during the fall; not only for sweaters but in this case, a nice crochet dress with lining. There are 2 types of crochet dresses that are trending 1 - printed (the colors are only on the surface of the fabric) and 2 - yarn dyed (the surface colors are underneath the fabric too). My dress is yarn dyed because it was created using different colored yarns; much like the way nice sweaters are made. By using crochet texture and colored yarns, my dress has a lot of dimension. Its really the fabric that makes this simple sheath dress special. If you're not sure what style to wear with prints, try a sheath dress; the shape looks nice on anyone.
  • How to wear Prints: Just a Splash

      'Just a splash' refers to printed scarves, printed shoes, etc. In this photo, I repurposed an old blouse into a dicky (a half garment meant to be worn underneath clothing). I believe prints can give life to overall solid outfits. Most women wear black on black but adding a small element of print creates a fresh perspective.

      If you're not a color or prints person, there's still hope :) Try "non-pattern prints", "textural prints", or " muted ditsy prints" they're easy to pick out because these types of prints almost fool you into thinking they're solids. On the other hand, if you're excited about Fall Fashion colors and bold prints, my favorite print trend this fall is dark romantic Italian florals.  

      • How to wear Prints: The Blouse

      Here's an easy idea of how to wear prints. A printed blouse can be as simple as 2 flare sleeves and a v-neckline (much like what Im wearing) and still look stunning! I prefer neutrals for fall because they are harmonious with nature's colors plus they go with everything in my fall wardrobe. So Im getting the most use out of my classic pieces. Im not a fan of polka dots or brights in fall however, if you like bold prints, I strongly advise you give in and try a printed blouse.

      If you just haven't found a printed blouse that looks good on you, start with a basic style; no buttons, no collar, no ruffles. Often times, adding these elements to a busy print can look a mess to someone who's not into prints yet. Just remember to start simple.

      •  How to wear Prints: Mix with Texture

      In terms of beginner to professional, mixing prints and textures successfully is kind of a seasoned talent. Its all about layering and editing. A simple way to describe how to wear prints with textures, begins with color as the singular thread that ties all your pieces together. The singular color of my outfit is navy blue; from the blue embroidery threads and buttons in my jacket to my navy blue trousers. Next, be aware of the brightness or business of the mixes that they don't crash with one another (ie: bull plaid + large daisy flowers or large stripes + large zig zags). Yes, your daisy print has yellow bits and bull plaid looks golden, but consider other elements that could clash. In this case, daisies are pretty and sweet vs bull plaid which is heavy and dark.

      By the way, for anyone still on the fence about trying prints for themselves, the outfit above is an example of "textural prints". Let me know how you do! Id love to see your print outfits!!

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