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How to Hide a Tummy

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Stop picking that hole in your sweatpants. Leave your stained tee shirt in the laundry room. Take off those tired Ugg boots and throw away the dingy socks! Its time for mommy makeover! Ok ok, I got you excited but then reality hits and your adorable little warden reminds you why you're wearing that get up in the first place.  

"Hey Im a mom and my toddler just turned 2. Im tired of wearing sweatpants everyday but my body isn't what it used to be. My tummy just wont go away. Do you have any advice about how to hide a tummy?"

-anonymous mommy

Just seeing all the others mommas at the playground shows me that we are not alone falling into a style rut. Babies take everything and long days are exhausting. There comes a time when mommy puts a foot down (then laughs at herself. I mean, come one, unless you're wearing a smock, don't expect your mini Picasso to keep your clothes pretty. Look at those little paint smeared fingers).

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A little flattery; A lot of care

If your goal is to start taking better care of the way you dress again but you're afraid of highly probable stains, smudges, and mysterious stickiness, you should come up with a plan. What works for me, I show my daughter that fashion is special by praising her style choices. She runs to the mirror and is proud of her accomplishment. So when I get dressed in something pretty, my daughter appreciates the way I look and is more careful not to include me in her dirt parties. This has also resulted in her obsession with my heels (can't say no to a toddler in heels)

The guilt train stops back there

Stop sacrificing your self image. Its ok to wear something nice. Your sweatpants are cuddly but mommy's not feeling so sexy wearing them. If your tummy just isn't what it used to be, these styles paired with my style suggestions will educate you about how to hide a tummy.

My Top 5 Styles & Tips - How to Hide a Tummy

Make an effort to accentuate your lovely shape above the tummy and minimize any attention to your mid section. How you ask? These styles do just the trick:

how to wide a tummy, Cowl neck sweater,

This casual sweater has a beautiful, attention grabbing cowl neck with cool straps and button details. All really good parts to a top that knows how to hide a tummy. Not a fan of green? This top is available in wine red, natural and black.


how to wide a tummy, Draped top with cowl, ShoptheKei.comhow to wide a tummy, Draped top with cowl,

Literally get your sexy back and forget about how to hide a tummy. This top is everything we love to wear when we just want to kick back and look good without much effort. Redirect all the attention to your sexy back with a low cowl top that provides ample sway and flare around the mid section. Nothing tight about this style and yet its elegant, feels silky-stretchy, and all you need are a pair of jeans with boots. Say goodbye to your drawstring pants because you got this mama!


how to wide a tummy, Wrap Sweater,

Wrap sweaters are finally getting popular again. I love showing you how to hide a tummy with gorgeous fashion; not sweatpants. Thats the lazy way out. This wrap sweater is special because if you buy the correct size, it does not hug your tummy. A pretty rib knit hem should rest at your hip. Look at the wrap closely; does it look like a v-neck? We all know the benefits of wearing a v-neck; it makes your torso look longer, shows off a little cleave, and guess what? Mommy tummy is forgotten. Layer a lacy bra, camisole or bodysuit underneath so its pretty lace draws more attention to the neckline and away from you know where.


how to wide a tummy, Bohemian Dress,

Wondering how to hide a tummy with a bohemian dress? This style was designed specifically to make you look longer, draw the eye up your pretty legs, and down the angle of your v-neckline. Just before sealing the design, we created romantic drama in the flare sleeves and flare hem. No one will even notice your tummy hides in all that thoughtful design goodness. Leave the sweatpants at home; you can make this dress kid friendly with leggings and a long cardigan. Tie the front of your dress to create a tunic and it still hides your tummy. What other reason do you need to own this dress?


how to wide a tummy, Sexy black top,

Another great top above shows just how to hide a tummy and still look hot. A thoughtful combination of sexy shoulders, v-shaped neckline, feminine lacework, and carefully designed waistline all distract anyone from finding your hidden areas. A bit of gathering under your bust gives this top a softer fullness and pretty sway around the mid section. Undeniable style like this becomes kid proof with a denim jacket and dark jeans. You know, those ripped jeans that make your butt look so cute. Never mind the accidental rips, they're stylish. I love a good silver lining!


Important note about how to hide a tummy:

If you want to learn how to HIDE a tummy, learn to spot and stay away from styles that will hurt your entire hot mom vibe. Don't waste your money anymore! Be sure to read 5 Common Style Mistakes that actually show off your tummy. We've all fallen pray to at least one style mistake on my list. You may be doing it all wrong.


*Disclaimer, I am in no way body shaming. Through sarcasm and whit, I offer style advice to answer the burning questions that are asked of me. All women are created beautifully, uniquely the way they are intended to grow. Our bodies change all the time but what should never change is our tolerance for loving ourselves and others, respecting the journey, and laughing about it. It is not my nature to throw shade in any way to others. My message is always, love yourself and feed your soul with good things (like laughter, love, and a full life)


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