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5 Style Mistakes

Stop making these 5 style mistakes if you want to hide your tummy.

5 Style Mistakes That Actually Draw Attention to Your Tummy

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Sweaters and tops with a rib hem at the waist will eventually ride up above your waistline and out pops that once undercover blubber (I had to say it. Don't hate me) 

Tight like a tiger

Mom brain is struggling to remember where that catch phrase comes from. Tight clothes, especially around your mid-section accentuate; drawing attention to your tummy. If your goal is to hide that area, avoid tight clothes like the plague.


5 Style Mistakes, ShoptheKei.com, Missy Elliot

Supa Dupa Fly

10 years ago, hip hop icon, Missy Elliot wore an avant-guard inflated garbage bag. Unless you're staring along side Missy herself, I suggest you hire a tailor to deflate your overly loose, huge clothes. Number 3 of the 5 style mistakes begins with the common misconception that if you wear really big clothes, it hides your tummy. FALSE. Really big clothes will look heavy, saggy, and actually add weight to your entire look. Same goes for garments with fur only on your mid section. Es no bueno.


5 Style Mistakes, ShoptheKei.com, Moana

Im to shiny

Tamatoa the large crab from Moana loves shiny EVERYTHING. His shininess draws fish to him like a cat to nip. When shopping for styles that help to hide your tummy, shiny/bright fabrics around the tummy area are like wearing a STOP + STARE sign. However, not all shiny fashion is bad. If the entire garment is shiny, thats cool. Number 4 of the 5 style mistakes happens in cases when the entire garment is not shiny EXCEPT for the shiny mid section, run away from that glittery death trap!


5 Style Mistakes, ShoptheKei.com, LiketheYogurt

Behold! Crop tops!

Really? I cant believe Im adding this to the list because for anyone wanting to hide your tummy, this is a no brainer. I'll sacrifice my sleep to talk you down from that trapeze act. The final 5 style mistakes is really a matter if your goal is to hide tummy, because blatantly showing it off is the complete opposite. If you're curious about crop tops however, there is a fine line to pull this look off the right way. To each's own so to drive my point home, study my simple calculation: 

If crop tops are your jam + you show off that tummy = you must not really want to hide your tummy at all. So love your tummy for who she is and free her for the world to behold!

By the way, I have to give a shout out to fashion blogger @LikeTheYogurt because I LOVE her crop top outfit here. 


*Disclaimer, I am in no way body shaming. It is only my intention to offer style advice to answer the burning questions that are asked of me. All women are created beautifully, uniquely the way they are intended to grow. It is not my nature to throw shade in any way to others. My message is always, love your body and feed your soul with good things. 


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