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How to: Business Casual Sweaters

How To Wear Sweaters Business Casual

Can sweaters be business casual?

Yes they can! It all depends on appropriate fit, color, and style. Lucky for you, Ive created a quick slide show of my favorite simple business casual sweater styles. Try them today and send me pictures!


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DisclaimerThe type of job you have is a HUGE factor so please check with Human Resources dept before going bananas with fashion. Some careers are not the appropriate place to show cleavage or even a little shoulder. If you're aching to show off your new slouchy sweater or v-neck sweater, just be sure to wear a full coverage blouse or collared shirt underneath. If you need help decoding HR's demands in a fashion friendly way, Id be happy to help create a style for you. Just tell me what you can not wear, and Ill suggest some new style tips.


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