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Fall 2020 Fashion Trends

Learn fall 2020 fashion trends at ShoptheKei.com

Let's talk about the hottest fashion style trends this fall.

If you followed my Fall 2020 Fashion Colors article, then you'll know that I compiled this list to make Fall shopping easy for you. You will learn how to spot the hottest fall fashion trends as well as how to keep yourself from spending money on clothes that do not align with your personal style mantra. 

After scouring Vogue, L'Officiel and the internet, we discussed fall 2020 fashion trends with our stylish friends and created the top 6 fall 2020 fashion trends you wont want to miss:

  1. Unexpected outfits in Monotone
  2. Cozy + classic Fringe
  3. Super chic Lounge Sets
  4. Familiar friends like Fall Plaids
  5. ShoptheKei defined Layered Maxis
  6. and tailored up Sexy Leather
“At fashion week, we've seen classics we love, like fringe, and plaid, find their way into many collections in ways that seem certain to catch on. Yet less typical fall fashion trends like think ballroom dresses, and opera-length gloves for everyday wear. Overall, many designers for Fall 2020 believe that women want to have fun with their clothes again. Whether it is with festive textures, or cheerful childhood like bows and tulle dresses, it appears our wardrobes (and quite possibly, our attitudes) will be taking an optimistic turn this fall” - Ryan Norville for L'Officiel

Now let's introduce you to the newest additions for fall 2020. These fashions are sure to transition your closet from summer to fall painlessly.

Vogue street style forecasters wrote "Street style was once a place for wild statements and multiple outfit changes, but in the face of climate change, a contentious U.S. election, and the threat of the coronavirus, people are moving away from such conspicuous excess in favor of simpler, more practical clothes. A relaxed suit worn with sneakers or boots was such a popular look this month that we can’t even call it a trend; it’s simply what everyone packed!" - Emily Farra for Vogue Runway

Take a look at our top fall 2020 fashion trends + learn which styles are best for you. Shop from our Fall 2020 early selections before the entire Fall 2020 collection drops:

Fall 2020 Fashion Trends "White out"

Otherwise know as Monotone, this Fall 2020 trend is fresh + a simple way to chose your layers. All white looks great even after Labor Day but if you're not as risky with your fashion, try this Monotone look with another neutral color. Head to toe light and dark shades of the same color. Monotone Fall 2020 Fashion Trends at ShoptheKei.com

Monotone Fall 2020 Fashion Trends at ShoptheKei.com

Fall 2020 Fashion Trend "En Fringe"

This flowing trend is shredding the style scene yet again.Instead of all over fringe, expect to see touches of fringe in accessories as well as covering layers like jackets body scarves, and caftans.

Fringe Fall 2020 Fashion Trends at ShoptheKei.com

Fringe Fall 2020 Fashion Trends at ShoptheKei.com

Fall 2020 Fashion Trends "Lady Lounger"

Every stay at home mama's dream! Roll out of bed chic pajamas are lounge ready but pretty enough to wear when you need to leave the house. Not just your ordinary sleepwear, the fit is superb and the prints are elegant!

Loungewear Fall 2020 Fashion Trends at ShoptheKei.com

Loungewear Fall 2020 Fashion Trends at ShoptheKei.com

Fall 2020 Fashion Trends "Plaided up"

Plaid and Fall go together like pumpkin spice and hayrides. It just wouldn't be autumn without classic plaid patterns. Layer texture and color with your fall outfits.Plaid Fall 2020 Fashion Trends at ShoptheKei.com

Plaid Fall 2020 Fashion Trends at ShoptheKei.com

Fall 2020 Fashion Trends "Layered Maxis"

Transition long length items like Maxi dresses and Maxi skirts into the fall season. How? Pile on the layers; more cozy the better. Layer on fall florals, maxi lengths and the monotone trend here.

Layered Maxis Fall 2020 Fashion Trends at ShoptheKei.com

Layered Maxis Fall 2020 Fashion Trends at ShoptheKei.com

Fall 2020 Fashion Trends "Leather Lover"

Save the cows, save our landscape, go faux. Faux leather is in high demand this fall. Black leathers are more popular than ever. 

Leather Fall 2020 Fashion Trends at ShoptheKei.com

Leather Fall 2020 Fashion Trends at ShoptheKei.com

Which are your favorite new Fall 2020 Fashion Trends? Share in the comments


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