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Welcome Baby Leila!

Birth announcement

I am so excited to welcome baby Leila Robbie! Baby girl was born March 16, 2020!

Welcome baby Leila, Birth announcement, ShoptheKei.com

I planned to take six months off for maternity leave however, with a combination of artist block and necessary COVID-19 precautions, I needed to get back to work much earlier than anticipated. More about our response to COVID-19.

So I took two months (not entirely) for maternity leave. I was able to do so with the help of a few different sleep training methods and mama's intuition. Leila is breast fed and formula fed; she weighed 11 pounds, 7 ounces at her 2 month doctor visit which places her above the average weights for babies her age. Whoever tells you skinny mothers can't have chunky babies has never read our story. Leila eats way more than her older sister Nyaeli. For the past week now, she sleeps through the night and only wakes when she realizes her pacifier is missing.

At almost 3 months, baby Leila enjoys her naps, staring at the ceiling fan, laughing at her big sister, and kicking her feet in the pool. What I most admire about being a mother of two is the magic shared between these new sisters. Nyaeli adores Leila and Leila is calmed by Nyaeli's loud craziness. I will be sure to write more about their sisterly bond as it develops.

And now for some cute photos

Welcome baby Leila, Birth announcement, ShoptheKei.com

Welcome baby Leila, Birth announcement, ShoptheKei.com Welcome baby Leila, Birth announcement, ShoptheKei.comWelcome baby Leila, Birth announcement, ShoptheKei.com


Welcome baby Leila, Birth announcement, ShoptheKei.com 

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