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NEW Toddler Game

New creative game for toddler, momlife,

New Toddler Game

Keep your toddler interested with this creative game

I started playing this game with my daughter Nyaeli. She's 17 months now and I've 'upped' my game on some clever tricks I play with her. Rule of thumb with kids, "always keep them on their toes or else, they'll accidentally run over yours" HAH!
fun game for toddler, momlife,

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The game is simple:

  1. lay out at least 3 baskets
  2. add one object to each basket
  3. cover the baskets with a blanket or towel
  4. show baby one object from basket at a time
  5. let baby guess which basket you hid the object in
  6. if the game is to easy, add more baskets to the game
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