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Christmas Plague

Quarantined Until Further Notice

Days before we got infected

Robert asked me what I wanted for Christmas and without really thinking, I casually said "I dunno, something thoughtful"

Just packed up the car and strapped Nyaeli in for our ride to Gum Gum's house. How about some holiday music for the ride? We drove 3 hours beating most of the traffic yet Nyaeli wouldn't nap because she knew who was waiting to shower her with kisses as soon as we arrived. Her version of "are we there yet" sounds more like "where is Gum Gum now?" 

Early the next morning (while Nyaeli was fast asleep in her crib), I drove to pick up my sister from the airport. We haven't seen her sine Thanksgiving but before that, the long months away from my 'almost twin' felt like forever. I love her way more than my sleep. Although she was exhausted from her 5 hour flight and time traveling, I could tell she felt more excited just to be home again.

Me, my sister, and mother days before catching the Christmas Plague,

Robert, Nyaeli and my dad days before the Christmas plague,

Well now, looks like everyone is home for the holidays, cue the entire household plague!

[dark, heavy clouds appear as storm rolls in]

It started with Nyaeli's runny nose and coughs, then I got that familiar throat tickle, and Gum gum needed to rest her dizzy head. We all went down the 1st day. Baby's symptoms worsened. She could not hold down food and our pediatrician wouldn't return calls. Thank God for Robert; he is an amazing P.A. and father. Just days before Christmas, my sister felt feverish! Robert and my dad were the last to go. Their immune systems held out long enough to nurse us back to life. By Christmas night, Robert got the bug but luckily, I was feeling better. Weak and annoyed that we were such easy pray to the Christmas plague; our holiday traditions were a bust. 

Our sick little family fights the 2018 Christmas plague

Even if we could leave the house, it was literally raining. I had plans to photograph our family matching pajamas and post them on Instagram. We wanted to bake Christmas cookies but with watery eyes and sneezes no one could stand to prepare food. Nyaeli wanted so badly to wear her holiday dresses I made. Was our 2018 Christmas cursed and would it spill into the New Year?

Silver lining? Really?

I gained perspective when my sister took sick days from work to extend her stay with us and recover. It was our first New Years together since she moved away. That's when I realized the silver lining to our 2018 Christmas plague. A terrible sickness yes but family really took care of each other. I thought back to what I wanted for Christmas and in a crazy way, I actually got it; we all did.

The night after Christmas, Robert began a 3 hour drive for work the next day. I tried to mask my worried face. How would he do on the long night drive in holiday traffic? He planned to return after work for New Year's Eve (AKA drunk traffic) An hour after he left, I busied myself cleaning the house and found Nyaeli for bedtime. My phone was close in case Robert called but there was a knock at the door. It was really late but I sat Nyaeli down to answer the door and she ran to her toys. When the door opened, I was instantly relieved and filled with warmth. Robert returned! The hospital manager approved his sick time so he was able to stay the entire week with us! Felt like a Christmas miracle to me. The other strange miracle was that my dad never really got sick. I wish I had a photo of him wearing that face mask around the house. It was hilarious (yet effective). With a box of tissues, vapor rub, and Sudafed, we are slowly recovering. Through it all, Nyaeli was always smiling and trying her best to be in a good mood. She's such a blessing and Im happy to say she is much better now.

We will never forget our 2018 Christmas plague and the gift that blessed us all. As we're looking to become better versions ourselves in 2019, I pray that we all gain perspective. Discover or create silver linings because they are powerful gifts against dark times.

Happy New Year y'all ✨

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