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Holiday Outfits for Baby

'Tis the season for holiday baby style!

Sooner than we would like to admit it, that crazy time of year will be sweeping us all up in its whimsy and wonder! Get ahead of the storm and plan early. Fill our calendar with events you are excited about (and forget about the ones you'd rather not attend).

For playdates and holiday family gatherings, we present to you our fan favorite holiday outfits for baby. Click below to view for more details:



Your questions answered:

Q: How fast can you deliver a dress?

A: Most of our holiday collection ships from the United States and therefore ship times are within 10 days. We rely on good ole USPS to deliver your packages. Once you order, the item is processed (generally within 2 days) and a tracking number is provided to you as soon as the label is created.

Q: Is red an over done trend for Christmas time?

A: Thats a great thought! Traditionally, red symbolizes a great deal of passion and spirit during a pretty drab and cold time. The color red represents warm feelings, love and fire! Yes, red is the color trend of the season but if you feel like you had enough of the red (we love standing out), then our team will curate a collection of less conventional holiday outfits for baby in our next article! Be on the look out for it.

Q: Besides shiny black shoes, what would you recommend goes nice with these plaid outfits?

A: Shiny black baby shoes are a holiday outfit staple. How are you break away from the norm! I'm kidding y'all. The latest baby shoe trends Im seeing in stores are bright gold leather and reindeer. If you want that high fashion look, chose the gold shoes but if you're all about that bass, go with the funky reindeer. 

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