After Halloween

Spoiled little Shrek

I sat with my laptop to write an article about the top fashions of the week and passed out from exhaustion before typing anything. Now a day later, here's how Halloween went down for our family:
I just wanted to get this off my chest but I must preface that my toddler is a piece of cake compared to horror stories I hear of other monsters her age. She's a walk in the park (fingers crossed she remains that way). This Halloween was her first trick or treating experience and Ill admit, we spoiled her. From the moment she woke up, daddy gave her some European chocolate milk my husband grew up drinking. After breakfast, she dressed up in her Moana costume and we watched Shrek while I styled her hair. We had lunch at Bareburger and shared green halloween inspired drinks at Starbucks. We decided to do both trick or treating and hand out candy so we stocked up before heading home. 

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Trick or Treat

Maui, Moana, and a fairy. All dressed and finally ready to meet our neighbors, Nyaeli held daddy's hand tight as we marched from house to house. The concept of walking to strangers' homes and taking candy from them was confusing to Nyaeli. I think Robert felt the same awkwardness that maybe we are teaching her the wrong idea but after the fourth house, she got the hang of it. Well enough to whisper "trick or treat" and say "thank you" before heading to the next. Half way through our night, we headed back home to hand out candy. Nyaeli caught a serge of excitement seeing all the kids rush up to her house! She handed candies to each kid, made friends, then followed them on her 2nd round of the neighborhood. By now, Nyaeli had 2 tiny Reese's cups and was working on her 3rd. Chocolate in one hand and daddy in her other. Maui, Moana, and I made our way to a few other houses before dinner. Nyaeli ran so fast, with so much freedom and glee! Her happiness just fills us with energy! It was a wonderful end to our long day. 

after halloween, my family, happy halloween,

Enter Ms. Hyde!

Nyaeli ate dinner, took her bath, and played the world's longest game of "...but Im not tired", the bed time edition. After an hour of crying in her crib, she fell asleep. 4am I woke up from Nyaeli's cries, set my laptop down, and went in for round 2. Dr. Nyaeli had turned into the cutest Ms. Hyde. "Mommy I want milk", "Where's daddy", "I want Elmo". I fed her milk; 10 minutes later she quietly snuggled into my chest and started off to sleep. Woke herself up "I want boob", "I want mommy", "I want to lay down with mommy", all while flipping and hiding in the covers. I threw my hands up for the 3rd time that night. "Time to lay in your crib" And I thought she was going to rev up to another fright fest but she simmered down and I crawled in to bed for the night (err morning). 

after halloween, baby moana, happy halloween,

After Halloween

What day is it?

So forgive us if we're a little loopy, dark eyed, and tired. While Nyaeli runs this house, daddy still had to report to his shift at the hospital. Mommy is just gathering her thoughts long enough to write this (for the record, its now Friday). Was it all worth it? Damn straight! Maybe watching Moana before bed wasn't such a good idea. Sugar, bright lights, and friends; classic case of sensory overload.
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