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Brain Fart: Momlife After 9 Months

Sitting here with my laptop in front of me, planner, and sketches ready to begin the "night shift" and I am dead...

Nyaeli learned to climb stairs today! I was in the basement picking fabrics for her costume when she lifted herself from the bottom step to the next. She fed herself peanut butter for breakfast and avocado for dinner. Hilarious photos + slimy clean up. I celebrate little victories whenever she likes (even loves) the food I prepare for her. "Plant-based" I guess that's what Pinterest calls it. She doesn't eat meat, cheese, butter, or yogurt. Nor does she miss them :) 

If you'd like to try her favorite vegan baby food recipes, click here 

Mother nature blessed us with an 'Indian summer' so I was sketching outside today (strange thinking about fur coats in 80 degree weather) Letting the creative juices fly out my eyes and onto paper (sounds painful) when I got the idea to create a GIF of them all. Ill post some of my new sketches on Facebook or Insta tomorrow.

That's it. Im heading to bed. My mind is beginning to wander

Planning a trip to Soho this weekend...  


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