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Vegan Baby Recipes: Nyaeli's favorite 3

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My Post-Pregnancy Diet

After my pregnancy, my body felt like it belonged to someone else. I had no energy, my skin was always dry, and my hair was brittle. I did not recognize myself. What's worse, I was not sleeping and felt paranoid. HAH welcome to #MomLife!

Seriously though, I started to take a look at my diet and the changes I made in the name of pregnancy. I followed doctor's orders and switched from Almond milk to Whole cow milk (ewwww), 70% of my diet included meat and heavy meals. I consulted Nyaeli's pediatrician about breastfeeding and she recommend I drink lots of water, instead of milk (contrary to the common American pregnancy diet). Which got me thinking about other changes I could safely make to my diet without harming my breast milk supply. 

On a dare, I tried a vegan diet for 2 weeks. In 2 weeks, I felt like myself again. More energy, happier, and more breastmilk! I wish someone would do away with those old dusty pregnancy diets. They need to be updated stat!

Baby diets are mostly milk, oats, and eventually veggies and fruit. Later followed by meat (if you chose) I decided that I don't want my baby to eat meat for as long as I am her chef.
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What makes a mom turn away from meat?

My daughter LOVES animals! She calls everything "baba". I started teaching her animal sounds. The thought of her learning "cluck cluck" and eating chicken bothered me. She says "moooo" and I want her to picture baby calfs nestled to mama cows; not factory slaughter houses.

Nyaeli's Favorite 3 baby food purees:

I received a Baby Bullet at her shower and its amazing how much I use the thing! Its convenient, small for easy packing, and makes the right portions so her food doesn't waste. Always fresh food for baby!
  1. Avocado, corn, rice, garlic, onion, beans
  2. Sweet Potato mix - traditional, purple, Japanese, dragon fruit, plum
  3. Oatmeal, peanut butter, black seedless grape
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In time, Nyaeli will make her own food decisions. She's pretty curious so when she's ready to try meat, I hope she values the life of animals more than the meat industry. Not to sound hypocritical, but meat is delicious! When she is interested in meat, we will choose sustainable products and small portions. 90% plant diet!

As Nyaeli gets older, I'll post her diet changes. What does your baby love to eat?

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