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What to do with old clothes

  1. Sell it at a consignment shop - check your local listings. Selling it local reduces CO2 emissions. Other types of resellers include ThredUp, Buffalo Exchange, and Poshmark.
  2. Donate to animal shelters - because if you cannot adopt, least you can do is let Fido look badass in your old Guns n Roses tee. Image and DIY Instructions by Ed Sobo of Instructables24
  3. Patch them up or repair them - use similar fabric to patch garments. Try some unusual fabrics with pretty patterns. Embellished jeans are very stylish. You can take a pair of your baggy jeans from the 1990's and sew darts in them to create a cuter fit. Experiment with different lengths. Flax and Twine has some great ideas DIY Embroidered Embellished Jean Jacket by Anne Weil of Flax & Twine
  4. Make reusable shopping bags - I found this super cute DIY from a very clever mama Heather Dessigner of MommypotamusThis no sew t-shirt tote bag made from old t-shirts can be whipped up in just ten minutes! It's perfect as a DIY tote or farmer's market bag, and easy enough for kids to make as an indoor activity.
  5. Contact the manufacturer - Some brands have begun accepting back their own worn merchandise (Levi's and H&M do this)
  6. Create cleaning rags from cut up clothes - This is not a new idea but reminds me of the rib knit tank top my father used to polish his motorcycle with.
  7. Make burp cloths Alli from Taking Care of Monkey Business shares how she does it DIY burp cloths - perfect for beginners! And they come together so fast!
  8. Create beautifully nostalgic Christmas decor with this DIY from Sew Dainty 
  9. Sew together an outdoor movie quilt from multiple articles of clothing and old blankets like this t-shirt quilt by Lil Blue Boo How to make a memory quilt from baby blankets, clothes and t-shirts. DIY tutorial 2 via lilblueboo.com
  10. Create reusable gift wrap - attach a card including cool ideas for the receiver to reuse the wrapping in their own way. Use this list for help. Check out simple ways to wrap a gift using fabric. Image and Instructions by A Pair and A Spare
  11. Make decorative pillow cases with Country Livingturn an old worn dress shirt into a buttoned up pillow
  12. Save scrap fabrics for craft projects like creating poms, tassels, or lining
  13. Make dolls clothingsock dress
  14. Make scrunchies, head wraps or headbands DIY Scrunchies
  15. Create shawls or scarves
  16. Craft fabric jewelry DIY Jewelry upcycling old scarfs, also making your own denim beads. Full tutorial
  17. Donate the buttons, zippers, hook & eyes, and other notions from your clothes to Home Economics class rooms or local sewing groups. You can find them on Facebook, directories, or ask a librarian
  18. Fabric Book Covers How to make fabric book covers without sewing! Love this simple tutorial!
  19. Create an attractive Cork Board Cover from Sheets Simple step by step tutorial for making a DIY fabric covered cork bulletin board. A great way to get organized!
  20. Shorten a dress into a skirt
  21. Turn a matching set into a jumpsuit
  22. Transform mama's clothes into mini's clothes or use excess fabric from mama's clothes for mini to match DIY-Pinafore dress-Refashion1
  23. Create a rag rug ragrugfinished23.jpg
  24. Create a braided fabric basket diy-textile-tote-erin-17
  25. Bunting flags for party decor vintage bunting
  26. Create a teddybear from your mini's old clothes Diy baby clothes ideas memory bears 20 super ideas #diy #clothes #baby
  27. Sweater lampshades DIY Sweater turned into a lampshade
  28. Plush Alphabet for baby. Add a magnet to the back for your refrigerator 
I'd say this is a good beginning to creatively flowing ideas that will revive your clothes for new uses around the house and even for special occasions. I hope you enjoy! Please comment if you tried any of these ideas. Perhaps you would like to add a new idea to this list? If so, I would love to share it!
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