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Wear Ruffles Like an Adult

How to Wear Ruffle Tops Like an Adult

Ruffles can seem like they should only belong in the closets of the most feminine of people. If you subscribe to that ol' fashion rule, than you believe that ruffles are for babies unless worn with lace, flowers, and straw bags. 

Im writing this to prove you WRONG!

Anyone can wear ruffle tops

You just have to learn the new way to style them. Check out how you can dress them up or down, super fem or casual cool:

Ruffle How to Checklist:

    1. pair with sleek and tailored dress pants
    2. incorporate heavy statement earrings
    3. wear with sneakers or a graphic tee
    4. tuck ruffles into high waist pants
    5. layer under leather pieces
    6. tone down ruffles with distressed jeans
    7. balance with chunky heels

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