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Spring 2020 Color Trends

ShoptheKei Spring 2020 Color Trends

Spring 2020 Trends, ShoptheKei.com

Our Top 5 Spring 2020 Color Trends

  • Pure Blue
  • Lilac
  • Buttercup
  • Flame Red
  • Cinnamon

How to wear the hottest Sprint 2020 Color Trends:

Spring 2020 Color Trends, ShoptheKei.com

Pure Blue - similar to a soft pair of washed jeans, Pure Blue hints at dependability with a comforting influence. As a fan favorite and fashion must have, this calming soft shade works with every color. 

Spring 2020 Color Trends, ShoptheKei.com

Lilac - Since we're getting bored with grays, here is our new neutral for spring 2020 color trends. Lilac is a very creative yet mellow shade that invites a playfully soft personality to our fashion colors this season. 

Spring 2020 Color Trends, ShoptheKei.com

Buttercup - Yellow is always a spring color — reaching the spectrum from Butter to Sunlight. Like a refreshing sip of lemonade, this happy hue is both strong and sweet. Buttercup adds a shot of brilliance to your wardrobe with very little effort.

Spring 2020 Color Trends, ShoptheKei.com

Flame Red - She's on fire in Flame Red! This confidence-building fiery red is all about passion and determination. Pantone's very own Leatrice Eiseman comments about this “here-I-am, pay-attention-to-me” shade as more indicative of the women’s movement “Obviously, red gives that voice to women.” Wear red when you want to make it clear that mama is a hottie.

Spring 2020 Color Trends, ShoptheKei.com

Cinnamon - Earthy and warm, Cinnamon Stick is sweet yet spicy. A must have in the kitchen as well as the ground work for your Spring 2020 color trend palette. Cinnamon is a color you may see again this year. Keep your eyes peeled for spicy dark oranges, clear turquoise, and powerful pinks to wear with this hue.


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