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Share the LOVE

Ever since COVID-19 quarantines and the enriching efforts brought on by the Black Lives Matter movement, I received encouraging messages from friends and family all over. These messages are a historical reminder of the year 2020 that we can stand for one another and allow love to bring us out of turmoil. Id like to inspire super moms and share this love with you here.

Encouragement to essential workers who are moms during COVID crisis, Share the Love,

Share the LOVE - From Aubrie, sister girlfriend

"Hey love, I wanted to reach out to recognize Juneteenth. I know there’s still a lot of work to be done. I love you and can’t wait to see you soon. I hope you’re feeling a bit better from the other night"

Message from Asma, a mother of 2 toddler girls

"They [her daughters] fight a shit ton. But I can wash dishes cook and do house things while they play now, for the most part. When I have some time to myself, I’ll run into Homegoods, my happy place"

Kids are mentally challenging. Lmao but honestly I know you got this. Good luck her today I pray she does her lesson without giving you a hard time. momlife adventures

Share the LOVE  - Encouraging words from my own mother's heart

"You're an amazing mother. I wish I had the opportunity to have stayed home with you girls longer when you were little. The way you are so close with Nyaeli is precious"

Share the LOVE - message from Cerina, mother of 2 boys

"Thanks mama love you! Maybe we can do a family movie night or something"

Yes we do! I love you too and Im proud of you. Kei taking care of the girls like you do and remember to take some time for your self care. LaToya, mother of 2 boys. momlife adventures

Share the LOVE - Caring thoughts from Steph, mama of 2 tiny boys

"Awww man, my hats off to you. Having two kids by myself seems impossible right now. I couldn't imagine taking both of them out...even apart from COVID, it would be so hard and with everything going on right now, it just seems a lot of extra has to go into everything"

Share the LOVE - message from Kaira, soon to be mama

"I miss our walks around the city eating all day ☹️. Stupid COVID"

Don’t let 'mama guilt' win, everything will be fine! You’re strong! You did it once and you’re doing a great job, you got this!!! Marquita, mom of 2 kids. momlife adventures

Share the LOVE - from our neighbor Niki, mother of 2 minis

"Hi. We are doing well. I hope you guys and your new addition are all doing great too!"

We could all use encouraging, inspiring, motivational words. Share your best advice or quote in the comments below.

Share the Love,

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