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How to Wear Boho

Why you should wear Bohemian style

Our latest arrivals are inspired by vintage fabrics and styles from the past. One could describe Bohemians as carefree creatives with a unique flair for adventurous lifestyles. Style wise, our collection is inspired by free flowing nature nymphs and not so much hippies or beatniks. Bohemian style can be very romantic and poetic.

Truthfully, not everyone can pull off every look. But if you were to try something unique, bohemian style is the way to go. Don't wait for the dawning of Aquarius, let's get into why you should wear bohemian style now

How to wear boho and why you should wear bohemian style

How to wear boho: The maxi dress is a fan favorite simply because when you wear it, you feel like royalty. Strut your regal self with minimal effort; a great pair of booties and pretty rimmed hat is just enough.

Why you should wear bohemian style: This maxi dress is a step up from your basic LBD. Romantic florals offer a pop of color to your look. Cover up those arms in these long sleeves. Bohemian maxi dresses are loaded with dramatic fullness that actually makes you look lean and taller. 

Mama is wearing our Coco Maxi dress


How to wear boho: The Midi Dress wants to debut a peek of your sexy calves. Keep this look casual and let the dress speak for itself. We suggest sandals and a natural handbag to show off your love of everything sustainable.

Why you should wear bohemian style: Tired of stuffing yourself into leggings? This midi dress is a breath of fresh air for your legs. Midi length means that it covers up to the calf which is the fullest and sexiest part to show off with class. Forgiving drawstring waistline is adjustable and can be worn to match your needs. Ultra-feminine ruffles provide enough arm coverage without overwhelming. We also love that this style offers a pretty purple and blue combo which looks great with your denim jacket.

Mama is wearing our Nala Midi Dress


How to wear boho: The Coveted Kimono is so versatile. Must love the natural colors of this print make it easy to style with jeans, a leather skirt, your favorite graphic tee, even a sexy dress. Wrap the kimono around your body, secure with a  sash, and you have a nice light wrap dress!

Why you should wear bohemian style: This Kimono makes mama feel like a bad ass! Mostly because the dramatic length and flowing volume reminds us of making your grand entrance scene in a movie. Wing like sleeves provide great arm coverage but also the forgiving size is adjustable with a simple sash. Wearing a kimono shows that you have worldly taste. Amp up the classiness with heels or keep it casual in sneakers. There are just so many reasons to own kimonos.

Mama is wearing our Alua Kimono


How to wear boho: The Crafted Blouse is for mamas who appreciate great craftsmanship and quality made fashion. Every stitch and detail of embroidery work that goes into making these blouses involves unbelievable talent! You should show off your crafted blouse by making it the star of your outfit. Don't cover up all that artistry; instead wear your blouse with jeans or a pretty suede skirt. If the blouse is super long, wear it as a knee length dress with some boots.

Why you should wear bohemian style: This crafted blouse is a floral feast for the eyes! Long lantern sleeves provide great arm coverage. The flared open blouse shape is forgiving on your tummy. We kept most of the blouse a natural tone so you can style it with everything which makes this bohemian blouse a long lasting (possibly everyday wearing) piece you will enjoy many times over.

Mama is wearing our Tillula Blouse

How to wear boho: The Floral Skirt comes in various lengths; mid-calf and maxi being the most popular. You'll find that styling a floral skirt is very simple. Go super casual with a graphic t-shirt and sneakers or completely classy with a matching floral blouse and heels. Being a bohemian is about freedom like this adjustable waistband that fits comfortably the way you want it to.

Why you should wear bohemian style: This floral skirt was designed with so much color and grace! We know you should wear this floral maxi skirt with flats and a natural blouse or knit top. Maxi skirts are great for covering up your legs while allowing you to freely take over the world. Also, the adjustable waistband means that the fullness at the hips can also be adjusted to provide you more shapely looking hips or not. Just depends on the look you want.

Mama is wearing our Violet Maxi Skirt


How to purchase these gorgeous bohemian styles: 


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