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House Dresses for Summer

House dresses for summer,

These 7 house dresses for summer are easy alternatives to sweatsuits and they are ripe for picking! Just as comfy for lounging around the house and takes no thought or time to pop on a flowing dress. And the best feature, these 7 house dresses for summer look nice enough to wear during Work From Home Meetings.

Shop the 7 house dresses for summer; our new comfy summer staple from ShoptheKei and add your favorites to cart.

House dresses for summer,

7 House Dresses for Summer -

House dresses for summer,

Flora dress: Get inspired by our summer flowers in bloom - $78

House dresses for summer,

Syrah Dress: Uncharted sands and beautiful desert blooms - $48

House dresses for summer,

Nala Midi Dress reminds us of the sound wind chimes make on cool summer nights - $78

House dresses for summer,

True Dress: Embody your imagination and let yourself glow - $98

House dresses for summer,

Cleo Midi Dress reminds us of the beautiful places we once explored - $88

House dresses for summer,

Syrah Dress: now is the time to stroll under magnolia trees in full bloom - $48

House dresses for summer,

Kasani Dress like pretty embroidered linens, this house dress makes us want to stay in bed a little while longer. You'll want to lounge in this Kasani dress all day - $98

House dresses for summer, house dresses for ladies, house dresses modern,

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