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Creative Brain Teasers

Six Creative Exercises

In honor of National Creativity Day, I listed 6 creative outlets and exercises that I practice. Being creative takes very little time however the positive effects on your brain are phenomenal! Creativity helps to stretch our mental flexibility and recovery. Choose an exercise from the list below and try it consistently for 3 weeks. You will begin to notice that the change in pace challenges your brain to adapt and learn more.

    1. You need a bit of imagination to solve brain teasers like those written in Forbes blog.
    2. Or not to be... a poet that is. Haiku poems are simple but challenging. Here's how you begin writing your own haiku poem.
    3. creative brain teasers, shopthekei.comDoodle til your heart's content. Wonder what to do with those store receipts stuffed at the bottom of your purse? The next time you're in a waiting room or bored picking your nails, pull a receipt out and scribble away! The act of running that pen or crayon around in circles repeatedly can feel relaxing.
    4. creative brain teasers, shopthekei.comThe never-ending story. My family tried this really cool idea over the campfire. You'll need at least one other person involved in this brain teaser in order for it to be fun. One person begins telling a story then (60 seconds later), another person carries the story on in their own way. Take turns creating unexpected plot twists, new characters, and you may not know how to end the story. Record it so you can recall the funniest moments! 
    5. Outside the box. Take yourself out of routine and stop being so darn predictable! Creativity needs fresh air. Step away for an hour. Try a new spot for lunch. Strike up conversation with a friendly stranger. Let your kids pick out their own clothes for a change. Be someone else or put yourself in an adventurous person's shoes.
    6. creative brain teasers, shopthekei.comRoses are red & violets are blue. Make a floral arrangement. I LOVE flowers! I love to receive them and I love buying pretty ones to dec my home. Spread that loving feeling by sharing with someone special. Remind them how special they are. Think about that special someone the next time you doodle, splash some paint on a canvas, scribble words on a pretty card, listen to music, dance, sing, whatever your creative outlet. Art expresses feelings; it reminds us of those feelings whenever we revisit the art too. Think about how you feel. If you're not sure, what you create will manifest that feeling.

You may not consider yourself an artist or may have lots of unfinished projects laying around. Whatever creative brain teasers you try, remember it should be fun, relaxing, and a bit challenging. One helpful tip; before you begin, clean off your work space, start with a blank canvas, fresh sheet of music, etc. This is the physical act of clearing your mind.

creative brain teasers

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