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Bella Hadid Donates 600 Trees

Bella Hadid donates 600 trees to offset environmental impact of 30 flights she's taken

Bella Hadid Donates 600 Trees,

Fashion model Bella Hadid took to Instagram to announce she'll be offsetting her carbon footprint by planting trees.

Bella Hadid donates 600 trees "to be planted, 20 for each flight I took these past 3 months and probably will continue for the rest of the year," the model wrote. "It makes me sad how much my job effects my carbon footprint and of how brutally climate change is obviously effecting the world."

With OneTreePlanted, she paid to plant 280 trees in California and 320 in the Amazon. 

Bella continues "I know it’s not much, but when I fly, I look out the window and see so many beautiful, extensive forests, so much land and trees but also so much that needs lots of help.. think about the animals too💛 anyways," she wrote. "Once I get home I’m definitely planting my own tree outside."

flights bad for environment, Bella Hadid Donates 600 Trees,

A Dose of Reality Hits

Super Model makes an Ass of Leo DiCaprio

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan came under fire in British media earlier this year for their travels via private jet. Harry and Meghan's choice to take private jets for their getaways has "embroiled (them) in another hypocrisy row" due to their outspoken support for environmental issues, including campaigning against climate change, according to The Daily Mail. The trouble with being a celebrity is the media takes into account everything you do that makes a juicy story. We must consider the offset of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan's contributions to our climate. Geez, let these people go on vacation!

Leonardo DiCaprio also got in trouble in 2016 for flying on a private jet to receive an environmental award. Yes, it sounds terrible, if we aren't aware how much carbon emission was produced by his flights and how much his foundation contributes to our environment offsetting his carbon footprint. How else will Leo DiCaprio travel to his events?

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How you can help

Bella Hadid donates 600 trees to offset the carbon dioxide emitted from her flights. In a way its like "here's my apology for poisoning our air". Look, no one is perfect but if you care about our planet, and have the curtesy to do something about it, work with us to offset your own carbon footprint.

Shop our fashions, look good, and know that you did good for our environment. The tree we plant for you off sets the carbon footprint created by USPS shipping our products to you.

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