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Vegas with a Toddler

Dear Vegas,

We miss you. No, not for the obvious reasons. My sister moved to Nevada for work and therefore you are holding her hostage. So when we say we miss Vegas, what we are really referring to is my sister Kaira. Please return her soon.

Yours truly,


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Vegas with a Toddler: Prepare for Takeoff

Nyaeli and I flew coach 5 hours (yes, with a lap-child at 10pm). Whenever we travel, as long as snacks are plentiful, my little Sagittarius is happy as a lamb. Entertained by her curiosity and the passenger beside us, I always opt for the window seat in hopes that she will fall asleep. Never fails, she is knocked out about an hour before landing. I latest trend in flying with a toddler - Ive noticed the flight attendants give parents separate seat belts for the child that loops around your own. Some flights even give cute finger puppets to little ones.

Nyaeli Kucera, mom and baby, vegas with a toddler, baby clothes,

Vegas with a Toddler: To Strip or not to strip

The answer is no. Ive enjoyed the strip from a single gal's perspective many times over but I was not at all interested in lugging a baby through sin city. Instead, we visited a town on the outskirts called Henderson, NV. It reminds me of a desert version of Chaddsford, PA. The outdoor mall included little boutiques mixed in with Whole Foods, family golfing, cocktail bars, Anthropologie, a cycling bar and Charming Charley to name a few. Everything is within walking distance; even a public library that Nyaeli loved to visit. 

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Vegas with a Toddler: Walk like Egyptians

Besides many playgrounds with splash zones, golfing, casinos, and library reading time, where did I venture out with my little India Jones? We took to the horizon; visited the world largest dam and became lizards at Clark County Nevada's majestic caverns that looked straight out of a Dr. Seuss book. We explored just outside the strip in Vegas' art district for First Friday. Street performances, musicians, food trucks, and really great art. Nyaeli was beyond amazed by all to see, hear, and do.

Nyaeli Kucera, mom and baby, vegas with a toddler, baby clothes,

Vegas with a Toddler: Time to Eat

The west coat is known for creating some of the tastiest burritos and amazing food trucks. Here's a list from our foodie pig-cation:

  • lobster fries - food truck Shark Tank
  • burritos in black building NV
  • thai food
  • Nyaeli's first real ice cream experience - shaved ice cream
  • Paris Baguette Grand Opening in Chinatown
  • Korean BBQ

Other than fast food places, I never felt more in my element than when I am in a sunny environment. That much sun exposure mellows, energizes, and inspires me to be more creative. So I prepared fresh, home cooked meals from scratch and we all ate really healthy, which included fresh fruit waters and fruit smoothies to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Vegas with a Toddler: Summary

To sum up our visit, there is so much to do with a toddler that does not involve Las Vegas Strip whatsoever. Just 20 minutes outside of the Las Vegas Strip, sales taxes are less, amenities and good food are more affordable. Huge plus for me is the safety; my sister lives in a gated community so I felt a lot more relaxed knowing we were all safe. The Henderson area is beautiful, well groomed lush gardens, picturesque deserts, and a lot less populated than The Strip. I recommend parents book a hotel with a pool in Henderson, NV and Uber to Sin City if you like. Its just a laid back, more homegrown experience contrary to the excitement and craziness in Vegas. I compare it to living in Times Square versus Long Island City. 

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