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Mom and Me Oufits

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My personal style is like "hell naw, put matchy in the corner"

If you follow me on social (or read my past blog posts), the one thing you'll learn about me is that Im not the matchy type. Meaning I dont wear outfits that match in color or style. I like showing off my unique fashion sense by putting pieces together that normally would not work. However, when I step outside my closet, it all looks like part of the same collection. Its because I buy items that I like and not just what other people think looks good on me.

Game Changer - Just blame it on the baby

Yes, Im the same way with my daughter's clothes. I buy or make pieces and put them together with what I already have to make unique styles for her. So when we began styling these mom and me outfits, we were surprised to find that some moms agree with our non-matchy philosophy while others love matching their mini mes. Funny though, once these mom and me outfits hit the store, I was impressed at how adorable they look. Im not the matchy type but these mom and me outfits may have changed my mind.

7 Mom and Me Outfits We LOVE

Style Challenge - Mom and Me Outfits -

I challenge you to shop mom and me outfits for you both:

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Do you ever match with your kid? How did you pull it off without looking like a child yourself? 

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