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Kid Art Gallery Wall

DIY rainy day activity for your preschooler

Ever wondered what you could do with all of mini's art? If you're like us, your kid has piles and piles of it. Often, the different sizes and shapes make it difficult to store away in a filing cabinet. Our DIY idea is to create a kid art gallery wall at home. Scroll down for easy instructions about how we made it ourselves...

The Warm Up:

It was a rainy day so this happened first. Let mini run around, splash in puddles, and enjoy a rainy day. Afterwards, give mini a nice warm shower and a hot cocoa treat to warm up indoors. Now let's make a kids art gallery wall.


What you'll need to create our kid art gallery wall:

  • various art to display (5 or 9 total images to hang up)
  • tape or push pins
  • double sided tape or craft glue
  • favorite color construction paper
  • high gloss white paint
  • washable crayons
  • frames
  • measuring tape
  • level

The Work Out:

  1. Lay all art pieces on the floor in front of the wall you intend to display the kid art gallery wall 
  2. Frame 3 or 5 art pieces - odd numbers look best clustered together
  3. Leave 2 or 4 art pieces without frames - this will be hung up with pins or tape
  4. Measure your mini's height. Mark this measurement on the wall from floor up. Paint the entire wall from floor to this mark. Let paint fully dry.  
  5. While waiting for paint to dry, tape or glue construction paper behind smaller art pieces. I chose a consistent color scheme to help connect all her different art works. You can go a step further and frame these pieces with the construction paper inside like a matte around the art. 
  6. Give mini a box of washable crayons and let them go full artist on the wall (instruct them to stay within the white painted area)
  7. Have mini stand in front of the wall. Mark their eye level to the wall. This is your horizon and will become the middle from where all art pieces radiate on the wall. A comfortable position for mini to admire their gallery wall; not too high and not too low. 
  8. Pin/tape/hang art all over this special wall
  9. Done! Tag us @crokeikucera in your beautiful kid art gallery wall pictures

The Grand Unveiling:

We all know kids love positive attention. Show them how proud you are of their accomplishments. You'll really be feeling a pat on the back for making it this far and being a part of your mini's fun experience. Invite all the family to view mini's beautiful art. Say "Ohh" + "Ahh", take pictures, and ask your little artist lots of questions about their colors. If you have stickers, place them on your favorite art pieces. Boost your mini's confidence! They'll feel like a star!

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