Holiday Baby Fashion

Nyaeli's Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday baby fashion guide includes my daughter's favorites. Our designers created an adorable collection of fashions and Nyaeli is smitten with these 3! As we all know, kids have a short attention span. Mid way through our mini fashion show, Nyaeli was on to the next inventive, upside down outfit. Later next week, we will try to make some time to review the other dresses before guests arrive. Babies will go "gaga" for these holiday baby fashion dresses 🕊️ 

🎁 🎁 🎁

Holiday Baby fashion

  1. Dress up momma's little woodland fairy. Green Dress with tulle skirt + flowers. Holiday Baby fashion  This dress is not for sale. holiday baby fashion,

  2. Your little ballerina twirls in her Swan Lake holiday dress. Pretty swan on bodice and soft tulle skirt. Holiday Baby fashion ON SALE $40 (Retail $58.00)holiday swan dress, swan dress, baby dresses, holiday baby dress, holiday baby fashion,

  3. Pretty plaid baby dress is undeniably the sweetest outfit to wear while opening her holiday presents! Loving the ruffle hem and cherry accent. Holiday Baby fashion ON SALE $42 (Retail $58.00)

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