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Happy 1 Year Anniversary!

Robert and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary as parents LOL! AKA...

Happy 1st Birthday Baby Nyaeli!

The year just flew by! Nyaeli turned one year, enjoyed every bit of her 1st sugar experience, and YES that bow stayed in her hair the ENTIRE DAY! She was way to excited to care about pulling it out 😆

Baby Nyaeli 1st Birthday
Daddy and mommy celebrated our first year with hearts full and cameras taping every moment. I made her yellow birthday tutu with sprinkly dotted fabric strips and an elastic waist band. Keeping her fashion simple since this smash cake was a complete mess! I also created the entire wall display (including her birthday banner and large confetti explosion)

Baby Smash cake
So I’m clearly NOT super woman bc her cake looked like a sugary mess of goo (before the smashing). My 1st try at a vegan cake. It was ugly but tasty! No pictures of that monstrosity 😆 

Follow us on IG for more pictures and videos @nyaelikucera @crokeikucera 

Got any good 1st birthday stories? Id love to hear all about how you celebrated your little one's special day! 

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