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Tis the Season

I actually love this time of the year (no, Im not Pagan) because Halloween is the only time when I can use those scrap fabrics that have collected all year long. I am forced to be super creative. Plus making costumes is just awesome fun!

Either you're just as excited to make your costume as I am OR you're dreading hot glue burnt fingers, carpets with faux fur remnants, or just don't have the time. Its all good mama! I came up with some SUPER EASY DIY COSTUMES you can make that your toddler will still look cute in.

DIY Costumes for a Baby

The formula is simple: Pajamas + Tutu + (insert cute add on here). Check out some examples of adorable and easy DIY costumes:

Baby Pineapple DIY Costume

Baby Pajamas here, DIY green tutu, DIY Pineapple Hat

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Create this baby pineapple hat for your DIY costume using a basic yellow knot hat and glue some fake leaves to the knot 

Cactus DIY Costume

Baby Pajamas here, DIY prickly hat

DIY Costumes, baby cactus costume, baby costumes, momlife,


Create this baby cactus hat for your DIY costume using a basic green knot hat and glue some white fabric scraps all around. Attach a fake flower hair pin to the fold. 

Minnie Mouse DIY Costume

Minnie Mouse pajamas, DIY tutu, Disney Store mouse ears

DIY Costumes, minnie mouse baby costume, baby costumes, momlife,

Want to learn how to make a tutu without sewing? I really wanted to create my own tutorial but momlife leaves me with little time. Cant leave you hanging, so I found this video by an adorable DIY genius. If you haven't yet, subscribe to little Ollie's channel

Baby Bear DIY Costume

Bear Jacket here, Baby pajamas, DIY tail

DIY Costumes, baby bear costume, baby costumes, momlife,

Kitten DIY Costume

Baby Romper here, DIY cat ears, DIY cat tail

DIY Costumes, baby cat costume, baby costumes, momlife,


Create this baby cat hat for your DIY costume using a basic pink knot hat and glue some triangle shaped fleece ears to the top-sides. Optionally, you can pin a boa to baby's bottom for a tiny tail (but beware: tail may get in the way during possible poopie situations)


DIY or not, Id love to see what your kiddies dressed up as this year! Send me pictures of you having fun and Ill tag you on our Instagram!


DIY costumes

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