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When Does Spring Fashion Start?

When does spring fashion start?

We just started to see snow in New York and I just want it to be over already. Can you tell Im not a winter person? Needless to say, I want spring time ASAP!

You can expect to see spring fashion in stores as early as January. This is great for snow-bunny shoppers or anyone planning a tropical vacation. While we wait, you should take advantage of the massive discounts on fall and winter items.


When does spring fashion arrive in Shop the Kei?

While most people like to wait til the New Year, our Pre-Spring 2018 fashion collection launches just after Christmas. Pre-Spring will easily transition you from the cold and preview a new season. Which means that we will have lots more Spring goodies as the weather warms up. 


We hear you tapping those toes with anticipation. Hold onto your horses just a little longer. New Years will be here before you know.

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