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What To Wear: To Friendsgiving?

For most of us fashionistas, Friendsgiving is a great excuse to kick it with friends and show off our hottest fashion finds. Whether you treasure trolled through vintage shops or created a one-of-a kind, fashion friends support your unique style. Unfortunately, traditional Thanksgiving dinner just isnt cutting it anymore. Dont get me wrong, I love my family and mom's turkey is amazing. There's just something fresh and exciting about Friendsgiving. Its like a holiday created by the cool kid's table.

If you've never heard of Friendsgiving, google it. Now lets focus on some super cute styles made just for party time!

3 outfits you need for Friendsgiving...

Casual Friendsgiving?

Classic black and white is both stylish and comfortable. I would wear this sweater with velvet leggings, leather gloves, and ankle boots. Need some bling? Add a few chunky cocktail rings and a matching gold collar. Now that you know how to wear this, SHOP HERE for this sweater

Bringing a date to Friendsgiving?

I recommend my new style, this printed velvet dress. You want to wear this dress to multiple occasions, multiple ways. One way to amp it up is with black stockings, strappy pumps, and a fur coat. This dress is your entire canvas; its really simple to style so you wont look a hot mess. The key here is minimal bling (trust me). Its about time you SHOP HERE for this dress


Are you a Friendsgiving diva?

Just admit it, all eyes are on you; not the mac and cheese. Well hot foxxy, this style was designed for you! Pearls dance all around this velvet dress. Between the plunging neckline and high slit, your friendsgiving must have a red carpet! Maybe leave the fishnets at home this go around (up to you); go overboard if thats how you roll. To keep it elegant and luxurious, I recommend platform heels and a fur coat. This dress is totally yours!

Which outfit is totally your style? What are your plans for Friendsgiving? Id love to hear all about your festive life! Please share with me!

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