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We're Planting Trees in Australia 🌱

Love and support for Australia. How we are working together to aid Australia. You can help too. ShoptheKei.com

A house burning in Lake Conjola, New South Wales, on New Year’s Eve. New York Times. We are planting trees in Australia. ShoptheKei.com

Its all over the news! NPR News confirms a pair of massive bushfires in southeastern Australia has merged into a "megafire" — a single blaze reported 6 times larger than 2018 fires in California. Immediate efforts to help, we're planting trees in Australia.

New York Times reports size comparison of recent global fires. We are planting trees in Australia. ShoptheKei.com

Shop the Kei and we will plant a tree in Australia with every purchase you make from now until the end of February, ShoptheKei.com

💚In the wake of destruction, we need to be present for Australia. To help Australia's wildlife and restore their lost habitat, 100% of our customer's trees will be planted in Australia now until end of February. 🌱

Veterinarians and volunteers treat koalas at Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park on Kangaroo Island, southwest of Adelaide, Australia, on Friday. We are planting trees in Australia.ShoptheKei.com

We're planting trees in Australia because it is the right thing to do. The fires killed over one billion animals and unfortunately for those who survived, all have lost their natural habitat. More than 15 million acres burned in the bushfires resulting in over 1700 homes destroyed.  

We are planting trees in Australia. ShoptheKei.com

Want to help Australia? With every purchase you make, we plant a tree in Australia from now until end of February. ShoptheKei.com

Want to help? Every purchase you make goes towards nursing the soil and seedlings that will be planted in Australia.

Answers to your questions:

I placed my order in December, where will my tree be planted?
    • Trees planted before January 10, 2020 will be planted in California
    If I place more than 1 order, will you plant another tree for me?
      • Yes! We plant one tree for every purchase you make with ShoptheKei. With each purchase, you will receive a certificate in your email confirming your contribution.

      To learn more about our Plant a Tree program, Click Here

      If you would like to do more for Australia, please contact us Support@ShoptheKei.com



      We're Planting Trees in Australia, social good, sustainable brands, ShoptheKei.com

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