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Planting One Million Trees in Canada

British Columbia

We're planting one million trees in Canada, to help the land recover from forest fires. My hope is that this video and our passion inspires you to help us restore our planet's health.

In 2017, forest fires swept through British Columbia, Canada destroying 1 million hectares of land and tens of millions of trees. We're planting one million trees in Canada to help the land recover. One Tree Planted travelled to BC to chat with some of the people central to the reforestation efforts. With the success of the #teamtrees campaign and the publicity that it has brought for reforestation, we're hoping that projects like this will continue to receive support across the world to help the land recover. The story focuses on the Yunetsit'in land that was destroyed in the 2017 Hanceville fire. By planting one million trees in partnership with the First Nations communities and government in British Columbia, we're hoping to accelerate the rate at which the Douglas Fir forests will recover from these unprecedented fires.

Beautify your self and our planet at the same time!

The easiest way you can help is at checkout. The moment we receive your fashion order, One Tree Planted is instructed to send you a certificate that your tree is en route to be planted. It really is that simple for you to be involved without taking any of your time away from your busy life. You can feel proud that just by purchasing your favorite dress, skirt, or sweater you have helped to reduce poisonous carbon emissions and restore a healthy future for our children to inherit. 


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