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3 Eco Moms Who Inspire Us

Cheers! You'll want to sling your bra for these amazing moms

Since the unveiling of our new Eco friendly clothing line, we're digging deeper into the eco-community and found 3 amazing stories we just had to share! Reclaiming happiness and raising children in the simple life. 3 Eco Moms who inspire us to do better and live with less for the greater good. Take notes mamas!

Cheers! You'll want to sling your bra for these amazing 3 Eco Moms who inspire us to live better with less. ShoptheKei.com


The Rogue Ginger

Among many things, Erin Rhoads from The Rogue Ginger, is an incredible mother. She started writing about zero waste living in 2013, and with the birth of her first child in 2017, she began sharing more about her zero waste lifestyle as a mother. From low-waste birthday parties to successful cloth diaper stories!

Eco Moms that inspire - Erin Rhoads @therogueginger; ShoptheKei.com

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Discovered by author and Eco Warrior Princess, Kate Hall

Bole Road Textiles

When it comes to interior design, Hana Getachew, founder of Bole Road Textiles, believes we can do better. Her ethically sourced home decor is designed in Brooklyn and handwoven in Ethiopia, using ancient weaving traditions, passed down through the generations. The birth of her baby girl in 2016 prompted her to launch Bole Road Baby, filled with beautiful baby blankets, towels and other nursery accents.

Eco moms who inspire us - Hana Getachew @BoleRoadTextiles, ShoptheKei.com

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Discovered by Kaity, author of Motherly

Zero Waste Home

Bea Johnson, founder of Zero Waste Home, dedicates herself and her family to a zero waste lifestyle. Her book has been coined 'The holy grail for anyone willing to adopt this change in lifestyle' Her commitment: Reduce what you need, Recycle what you cannot Refuse, and Rot (Compost) the rest. Her family of four manages to generate only a quart-size jar of waste per year! Bea now travels the world teaching others how to help themselves do the same.

Eco Moms that inspire - Bea Johnson @ZeroWasteHome; ShoptheKei.com

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Discovered by Kaity, author of Motherly

 "Inspiration is our gift and a responsibility to share. Share what inspires you and the beauty that comes from your creative self"

Do these moms inspire you to promote quality living for your family and the environment? We certainly think our eco friendly clothing line is a great step in the right direction. Find your unique holiday outfit HERE



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