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Animal Prints for Fall

Animal Prints for Fall 2019

Animal Prints for Fall 2019 Prowl Styles for Mom + Me from the catwalk, to the streets, and ready to ship to you.

Prowl Styles for Mom + Me

Animal prints were seen on the catwalks. Although inspirational, high fashion runway looks are often overwhelming as-is so let's take notes from the runway and apply them to our streetwear... 

What we learned about this year's Animal Prints for Fall:

  1. Leopard is in! 
  2. Head to toe animal prints are daring
  3. Soft, draped cat prints are important

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Now let's look to the streets. How do everyday fashion divas interpret the high fashion runway style from the cat walk?

Streetwear Animal Prints for Fall:

  1. Ground your cat prints with black pieces like leather
  2. YES! Be daring in head to toe leopard!
  3. Mix different types of animal prints in one outfit just keep the colors within the same neutral tone
  4. Animal prints + leather textures for handbags

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ShoptheKei has the latest animal prints for fall 2019. Explore our favorite prowl styles for yourself. Click + Shop below...

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