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New Playground Rules for the hot mom

Before Nyaeli was born, I cant remember the last time I visited a playground. Have the rules changed since then? Almost a year since then, I came up with 6 new playground rules for the hot mom.

Rule #1: No phones.

Unless you're recording your kiddo, put the phone away. There's usually no wifi in the parks and you're not paying full attention to your kid so its not worth wasting your battery.


Rule #2: Heels are allowed at the playground mama.

I suggest a thick heel with ankle support. Disclaimer, be prepared to chase your kiddo barefoot if the heels are not comfortable.

Rule #3: Be friendly.

Kids make friends without saying words. Its a gift that parents lack but we can all follow this simple rule. Most of us stay at home moms are like penned up puppies just begging to be petted. I still want to try this social experiment "Will you be my friend"

Rule #4: No judging.

I debated making this Rule #1 but seeing as how this goes hand in hand with Rule #3, it makes sense to follow. We all judge in some way however, it's worth mentioning that none of us are perfect. Perfection is a lie; a word used to set impossible standards that if we fail, we beat ourselves up for not following through. If a parent is not hawk-eyeing his/her child, that doesn't make them a bad person or bad parent. If surveillance is your thing, make it your mission to report the child's whereabouts and make nice with the preoccupied parent.

Rule #5: Get a little dirty.

I applaud the hot mom who takes time to dress herself and kids like twinsies. I think its cute. Like Kevin Hart said "You look like a family unit" That being said, it is ok if your family unit somehow finds some dirt along the way. Kids are dirt, slime, and stain magnets. Unless your kids play in life sized bubbles, there's nothing you can do about their attraction to dirty situations. Relax, accept it, and take pictures before the dirt finds your kids.

Rule #6: No Bullying Mom.

Yes, moms are bullies too. We have good reasons for doing it but it still doesn't feel right. I felt this way when a girl (not much older than Nyaeli) was picking on her and another time with a little boy wouldn't share library toys with Nyaeli. I felt like a bully when I wanted to snatch the toy away and when I wanted to defend Nyaeli against that little girl but I held myself back. Nyaeli just ignored the kids and found happiness elsewhere. She taught me how to do the same. Bullying isn't fair to anyone. As a parent, the best we can do is show our presence and love harder. Don't fuel bullies and don't become one.

Am I missing a new rule? What would you add? Let me know in the comments below...

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