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Honestly, I do NOT wake up like this... (you get my point)

...but I get up out of bed (often to the sound of a crying baby who's diaper needs changing) other mornings, I wake to the sound of my girl singing the "rainbow song" to her teddy bears, and my 1st smile of the day begins...

I want to share with you a few items I use that actually help make my summer rock a little more. Here's a list of seven momlife essentials:


1. Positivity is my number one momlife essentials. Any reason to smile for as often as you can. Laugh at yourself, laugh at me, just laugh. It may sound silly or wacky (Im not suggesting to lock yourself in the bathroom and stare at your reflection laughing, that would be strange if you're not rehearsing a role) but genuine smiles and laughter stimulate happy feelings throughout your body. They're also infectious. Even to a grumpy person. Grumpy people like happy people, they don't often admit it but they long to feel happy too. My daughter is the happiest person I know. Her laughter is like medicine to my soul. Any chance I get, I purchase fresh flowers, open the windows to air the house out, play my favorite music, and enjoy the happy feelings. Spending time with nature helps clear my head and focus. 

Kei Kucera Summertime

2. Vacation Abroad - Italy. To sum up Italy in one paragraph just isn't fair or right so I will elaborate on my next entry. I didn't know how much I needed to get away until we reached the airport and I was excited to be sitting with a toddler's legs wedged in my ribs for 6 hours! LOL The positivity paid off when we three actually enjoyed the entire flight. Now that we are home and summer is nearing its end, Im looking forward to visiting some local vineyards, museums, and new playgrounds. There's always something to discover; you just need to look.

Kei and Nyaeli Kucera in Italy

3. Hydrogen Peroxide - $1.00 Dollar Store. I rediscovered peroxide when Nyaeli kept scratching her knees at the playground. This is the extent of my logic before purchasing, "Mom always kept a bottle in her medicine cabinet and it never stung my boo-boos"  I later learned that peroxide can be used as a household cleanser, teeth whitener, fungus and bacteria killer. Use it to whiten clothes, soak pots with it, gargle it, freshen toothbrush bristles, etc. I love multi-purpose products!

Image result for peroxide bandaids

4. Speaking of multi-purpose products, this popular hair conditioner and moisturizer also kicks bacteria butt. Coconut oil is an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. It also withstands very high temperatures without burning off natural goodness. My sister-in-law uses it as a sunblock. I cook with coconut oil because it's a great sub for butter and I use a lot less than the recipe calls for butter. Although it does nothing for my hair, coconut oil pulp defines Nyaeli's curls. I also eat a spoonful of raw coconut oil once a week because the anti-fungal properties are said to increase feminine freshness. 

Image result for coconut oil

5. Hand Fan - $5.00 Soho. This sounds archaic to someone lounging in an air conditioned room however Europe has very little air conditioning. My little blue hand fan was second most valuable to water. It got me through two-weeks during a heat wave, and makes a cool slapping sound as it opens and closes. A hand fans make great momlife essentials for summertime.

Kei Kucera hand fan

6. Rose Water Facial Toner - $3.99 Trader Joe's. Directions say to spray this on after cleaning your face or throughout the day. As a mom, my handbag already weighs a ton. Im not carrying this around all day however, I like to drench my face just before walking out. Gives me that fresh dewy glow as if I actually had time to exfoliate in the morning. HAH!

Image result for trader joe's rose water

7. Cafe Americano & Strawberry Cream Peanut Bread - $4.00 Paris Baguette. Morning coffee is momlife essentials 101. When we lived in NYC, PB was a frequent brunch spot for Robert and I so we were excited to see one open nearby this weekend. At the Grand opening, we took advantage of the free PB mug giveaway. We stocked up on pastries, bread, iced coffee, and free mugs!! What a wonderful surprise from our favorite date spot. 

 Paris Baguette Grand Opening

Have you tried any of these momlife essentials? Please share your momlife essentials in the comments below!

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