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How to dress baby in winter

how to dress baby in winter, 

In case you were wondering how to dress a baby for winter time, please keep this in mind...
❣️Babies' tiny parts are easily frozen if not wearing the appropriate attire.
If you must take baby into freezing temps, ⚠PLEASE USE CAUTION ⚠
❣️I highly suggest you invest in a fleece lined stroller wrap. They cut down on wind while your little bug is snuggled inside
❣️Remember to remove layers when baby is indoors. If baby sweats, little one can catch a cold being outside again

Here's how to dress baby in winter

Must have winter layers for baby:

How to dress baby in winter with a holiday dress?

Must have winter layers for holiday baby:

Our babies dress cute for winter time! Click on your favorite outfits, add to cart, and cuddle your kiddo for the snow.

Little Bear Suit [TAGs]-

Layer a long sleeve bodysuit or one piece pajamas and a hat under this fuzzy outfit.

Zoe Baby Bodysuit [TAGs]-

Layer stockings or thermal pants under this colorful sweat knit outfit. 

Layer baby's holiday dress, stockings, and hat under this fleece lined hoody to keep her warm. 

Winter Baby Romper [TAGs]-

Layer stockings and socks under this sweet polar bear sweater. 



how to dress baby in winter,

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