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How to dress baby for sleep

Today I am answering a question many parents (including myself once upon a time) want to know: How to dress baby for sleep?

As parents, we stress the importance of sleep. For ourselves, maybe not as much as we wished. Why is it so difficult to put my baby to sleep? Admit it, baby is no longer in the womb; that all inclusive resort where the best sleep happens and food falls from heaven. There are any other variables such health issues, sensitivity to sound and light, unfamiliar location, you don't smell like mommy, or day/night is not yet established. In my personal experience, my daughter wanted to be held all night. She was the Houdini of baby swaddles! Seconds after tightly wrapping her up in a cute, cozy cocoon, my newborn was flapping her arms and feet like a squid and whining for mama to swaddle her back up. I was terrible at swaddling. Read on to discover how I finally got baby to sleep on her own...

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How to dress baby for sleep: Newborn

My experience was exhausting until I discovered sleep sacks for baby. Sleep sacks saved my sanity and baby's sleep. Sleep sacks are great for newborns who like to wiggle and ball up in their sleep like they do in the womb. Typically good for ages newborn to 9 months, sleep sacks look like clothes and do not unwrap. Ours are pretty stylish with vintage printed flowers and even a sweet forest themed one. Chose your favorite below:

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How to dress baby for sleep: 9 Months to 24 Months

As my daughter grew, she fully embraced her long legs and kicking ability. Soon we had her wearing snap up romper pajamas. Great thing is it's all one piece and you can even wear super cute ones like ours outdoors. Beware if baby learns to unsnap herself; she's toddling around with 2 extra flat legs trailing behind her! It makes for really cute pictures especially when baby learns to walk. Shop our favorite baby sleep romper here:

How to dress baby for sleep: 2T and older

My daughter is almost 3 years old now and she wants to revert back to wearing her 18 month one-piece pajamas (not happening). So ever since she was 24 months, we lulled her to sleep in 2 pc pajama sets like this fierce cat print one. I love that she can wear this as a matching outfit for playdates as well as sleep time. Shop our leopard print 2 piece set here:

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Let me know which style is your favorite. What sleep techniques worked best for you and your baby? Share in the comments below. Your experience could help a fellow struggling zombie parent. If you are a zombie parent, Im praying you get the sleep and support you need to be your best self.



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