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Fun Books for Toddler

The Best Books for Toddlers

and mommy tips to creating at home story time fun

Its best to let your toddler chose some fun books for herself. She will have more interest in the books when its time to read them. Understand that she is picking a book based on the cover so don't be confused if she loses interest after page 2. 

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

1. The Very Hungry Caterpillar

When reading this fun book for toddler, try to help her imagine a tiny, fuzzy caterpillar and how full his tummy must be after eating all that food! This book always makes us hungry so we snack along with the caterpillar. Your toddler will begin to associate snack time to this book.

The Happy Egg

2. The Happy Egg

Toddlers are so very curious. Thats what makes this a fun book for toddler. Help bring these pages to life with peeps and other chirping bird sounds. 

Yummy Yucky

3. Yummy Yucky

"Eww baby, that does not belong in your mouth" may be easier to just say "yucky". At least its easier for her to remember and associate with. Toddlers put everything in their mouths. Besides teething, its another way they explore found items. While reading this opposites book, use your voice to express the differences.


4. Corduroy

Toddlers love finding things. After reading this book, I like to double up on the learning with a fun game of hide and seek. Instead of mommy or baby hiding, we hide her toys and find them together. I suggest hiding her favorite toys in one room. That way, she is more interested to find them.

The Family Book

5. The Family Book

I have to say, this book does a terrific job of illustrating the differences in families. Your toddler looks up to you so however you feel about this subject will reflect in how open minded and accepting of changes and differences in her world. Remember, its not what you say around your child that makes the impact; its what you do.

The Big Shiny Sparkly First Words Book

6. The Big Shiny Sparkly First Words Book

This fun book for toddler is packed full of lift up flaps, bright pages, and exciting new discoveries. Its always great to mirror the words she learns with real world experiences. Read the word swing and take your tot to the playground.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See

6. Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See?

Kids have this incredible connection with animals. Read animal books to teach your tot more about who she will meet at the zoo. Imitate monkey sounds. Green Frog "ribbits" and yellow duck "quacks". Point out birds, whistle, and make flying motions every time you see one.

7. Who's Hiding?

Cuddle up with your baby and this fun book for toddler. Here, she can learn to identify baby animals with their mommies. For each animal, try imitating their sounds in different octaves. High for baby animal and low for mommy animal.

8. Hello Bugs

Take this fun book for toddler out to the park or your backyard. As you read about these sparkly, shiny little bugs, point out some critters buzzing by. You can make this more about exploring the smaller world around your toddler and show her how to care for bugs. This interaction with nature may help her to not be afraid of spiders.

Pop-up Peekaboo: Under the Sea by DK

9. Pop-Up Peekaboo! Under The Sea

Its the perfect time to read this fun book for toddler. Planning a trip to the aquarium? Raise your toddler's excitement with this preview of all the wonderful sea creatures she will visit soon. Pop-ups make this water adventure interactive but the fun really begins when you make the pages come to life. Use hand motions to imitate waves, fish swimming, dolphin diving, and water splashing!

Baby Loves Summer!

10. Baby Loves Summer!

Take this fun book for toddler to the beach and illustrate all the cool summer fun you can have together. Your toddler is learning to identify items like sun-block, sunglasses, baby hat. Help expand her vocabulary with words that connect to other senses like cool water, buzzing bees, and hot sun. 

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