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Coterie with My Kid

This year was Nyaeli's 1st visit to UBM Coterie Fashion show at the Javitz Center in New York City. Fashion week is always exciting and amazeballs but can you imagine this time was even better with my little buyer? Nyaeli is my happiness; she continues to surprise me with how much she's grown. Maybe Im the lucky mom since her terrible 2s are a walk in the park. She charms her way through the show floor like a seasoned fashion buyer. 

Perhaps my proud mom moment of the day was driving to the ferry and listening to Nyaeli create sentences using her new learned words. When we arrived at the show, Nyaeli was given her own entry badge. We spent 1 hour looking at the latest in designer fashion. She behaved so well that a few manufacturers offered her candy.

Having Nyaeli with me brought a calm friendliness to every booth owner we met. Instead of hardcore business convos, I was shown pics of one vendor's adorable nephew (entering his terrible 2s as well). It definitely made networking easier. We met a great deal of talented people at the show and Im glad we went.

Some pics of Nyaeli and I at Coterie with my kid:

coterie with my kid, mom and daughter, shopthekei.comcoterie with my kid, mom and daughter,

How many parents would willingly take their toddler to work? Would you?

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