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13 Creative Baby Names

If you're picky and unusual like me, you'll find that a lot of names are to common for your taste. Well you may see something here that gets your creativity flowing. 

Scrolling through Pinterest on several occasions, I stumbled on some cool baby names. Check out the list of creative baby names that I liked most:

Creative baby name list

Baby Girl Names

baby girl names

  1. Reine
  2. Emberly
  3. Nova/Nola
  4. Lila/Lily
  5. Harper

Baby Boy Names

baby boy names

  1. Renly
  2. Torrik
  3. Harley
  4. Lyrik
  5. Westen

Unisex Baby Names

  1. Koa
  2. England
  3. Kei

Some names have meaning; when translated into other languages. While other names are a compilation of sounds and mixed up words. Remember, your child's name is beautiful simply because it was chosen with love. It doesn't matter what others think. Also, your partner's input is important but accept you and your partner may not always agree on every name but as the 10 months fly by, that list of baby names will become quite clear. You will have time but just be diligent.

Have fun creating beautiful and unique names. Best of luck with your pregnancy!

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