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5 Fun Things to Do Outside

🐛🌱How do we keep our kids involved in nature? 🌱🌸

Here are 5 Fun Things to Do Outside With Kids as a Family

Kids Can Help Save the Honey Bees - North State Parent magazine

Teach Kids About Bees

🐝Watch out! Bees do NOT want to sting you but keep your distance and allow them to work. The work busy bees perform everyday is essential to our food supply. Kids should learn about what bees do and how they can help preserve the bee population. Start kiddo off with a video like this one 

KidsGardening Growing Ideas Blog - Big Seeds for Little Hands

Plant a Seed

🌱I love my plants but never actually considered how they start from seeds. Just last year, I began saving seeds with the idea to plant them and raise indoors until strong enough to grow outdoors on their own. Nyaeli's favorite part of gardening is playing in dirt with her shovel and watering plants. Watch this video and together, you'll learn how a seed becomes a plant

14 Ideas for Camping Out In Your Backyard - Parenting

Sleep Under the Stars

⛺️Camping, even if its in your back yard or 8th floor balcony, is fun for the whole family. Keep a low light on if your little one is afraid of the dark. My toddler enjoyed our family sized tent until lights were out for bedtime. It may have been the tree shadows and wind noises but she complained about not being ready yet. Remember that you want to associate outdoors with good memories/feelings. If your kids are afraid, try something else. Perhaps they are not warmed up to the idea yet.

Crafting With Kids: This DIY Is For the Birds!
Build a Birdhouse

🐦I have yet to do this one with my tot yet however, this DIY blog for building a bird house and bird feeder may have convinced me to try bird watching. After hanging up your beautiful new bird condo, do some research. Find out what types of birds are native to your area and spot as many as you can. (Blog by Caryn Bailey)

Children Beach Sea - Free photo on Pixabay
Hunt for Seashore Treasures

🐚When the beach is open for exploring, take mini to the shore and find out who lives in shells. Every summer, we collect sea shells but after reading this book about shell dwellers, my mini understands that the pearly treasures she collects are actually vacant homes. 

5 Fun Things To Do Outside

Learning how nature works will help your kids understand how what they do can impact other creatures and learn to cohabitate with them. 

Did you try any of these 5 fun things to do outside? How do you enjoy the outdoors with your family?

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