Top Sought After Design Services

Top Sought After Design Services

I woke this morning inspired to quantum leap my journey as a creative being. As clear as a windshield wiper after a rain spell, I felt the need to share with you my dream of building a design center. The design center is a place for the motivated to grow their seeds of inspired action into strong, giving trees; extending to uplift the lives of us all. Inspiration can feel like a pull in the right direction. It can sound like a crazy idea. Inspiration waits for you to act on it and in this case, I focus a leap in the direction of my true desire by sharing with you the top sought after design services that can help you begin building your very own design team. Let me guide you to start creating connections with skillful designers who will one day become the building blocks of your miraculous purpose.

According to multiple sources across the web, these are the top sought after design services and designer roles:

  • UX Designer
  • Designhill
  • Fireart Studio
  • DesignCrowd
  • Fashion Designer
  • Product Designer
  • Digital Designer
  • Video Game Designer
  • Designity
  • Front end Developer
  • Art Director
  • Exhibit Design
  • Animation Designer
  • Digital Silk
  • Kimp

Top Design Services and Designer Roles

Let's discuss briefly what these services are and what to expect from the designer roles listed. I am writing a supporting article to this one that will discuss my findings for each design platform; including customer ratings. For a bit more information, click the links below.

  • UX Designer - A User Experience Designer is in charge of creating the “user experience” of a product or service. They take into account how users are designed to feel and interact; providing a satisfying experience for users. Play a vital role in creating designs that prioritize usability and functionality. 
  • Designhill is a famous creative marketplace that offers a number of services.
  • Fireart Studio is a graphic design company which houses a range of clientele from startups to the world's leading brands.
  • DesignCrowd is another large crowdsourcing marketplace for designers but with a unique pricing model for users.
  • Fashion Designer - A fashion designer creates ideas for wearable items, such as accessories, footwear, and clothes. Focuses on the overall aesthetic of a product.
  • Product Designer - sometimes considered a full-stack designer. Depending on the project needs, they might be responsible for managing a wide range of stages throughout the process of product design, development, and manufacturing.
  • Digital Designers or web developers create and develop the look and feel of websites, games, mobile apps, and other digital experiences.
  • Video Game Designers are responsible for the creative elements of video game development. Contribute to video game concepts based on the target audience, and collaborate with writers breathing life into storylines.
  • Designity is a digital design service which offers a virtual creative team on-demand.
  • Front end Developer codes the part of an app or website that the user sees and interacts with, such as images or displayed text.
  • Art Director is a creative role tasked with realizing the vision of a project. They are responsible for overseeing the creation of visual artistic activities necessary to complete the product.
  • Exhibit Designers are the creative geniuses behind the displays and fixtures you see at museums, galleries, conferences, and trade shows.
  • Animation Designers create animations, special effects, and recommend the best approaches to integrate animation components into concepts or products.
  • Digital Silk a cutting edge agency focused on Creating Superior Digital Experiences for their clients. 
  • Kimp is a simple outsourcing design service platform to request any design you need (within their capabilities)

Top sought after design services require top performing designers. When you're just starting out, finding a top performer may seem like a mountain of uncertainty but thats an illusion of doubt. Bust through the clouds of fear and take a step in the direction that lights you up inside! From my research, I created a list of the top rated performers for each design service. Continue to ride the waves of inspired thought while I share my list of the top rated designers featured on the popular digital design source Fiverr.

If you'd like me to feature top performers of another design platform; mention it in the comments. Happy team building!

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